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who we are

Xuliv prides itself on keeping things simple, yet providing a professional and effective service to its client. We specifically cater to small and medium-size enterprises throughout Sydney and can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

We have established key trading principles - developing and maintaining strong business relationships based on trust, providing service excellence and high-quality resources, overt candidate support, reliability, a 'can-do' attitude and a 'lite-approach' to contractual documentation.

what we do

For Employers

We provide competitively-priced recruitment and HR consulting services, carefully assessing and pre-screening candidates to provide talented employees with the right skills and motivational attributes to match your business needs.

For Job Seekers

We help you take your first step towards an exciting career in IT by providing you with highly effective career development strategies, work placements that provide mutual benefits to you and the employer which provide a platform for learning and work experience and position you to understand and meet the demands of today's highly competitive job market.

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